3 Types Of Volleyball Drills

by Hayley on February 11, 2011

Volleyball drills3 Types Of Volleyball Drills

Drilling your volleyball team is one of the most jobs you as a coach has. Volleyball drills are designed to take a group of individuals and forge them into a well tuned team. Your drills should foster trust, respect and teamwork. It is important to be flexible in your drills, however, since you may find that some drills work better for your team than others. If you find a drill not working the way you think it should be, don’t be afraid to change it in order to get the most impact out of it. There are ultimately 3 main types of volleyball drills you will be using for your team: technical, tactical, and conditioning drills.

Technical drills are usually used at the very beginning of the season to help build the basic skill sets needed to play volleyball. This set of volleyball drills are designed to teach your team basic hitting, footwork, and movement skills. You probably won’t have to use these drills as much as the other types, since the basic skills are easy to learn, and are generally easy to carry over from season to season. Most team members will try to play for as many seasons as they can, so they will already have their basic skills drilled into them. However, this is not to say that you should neglect the technical skills. It is a good way to get the body to remember the movements required of it after a long off-season.

Volleyball Drills To Help Harness Power

Conditioning volleyball skills are most often used in the off season. These drills are designed to help keep the body in shape for the upcoming season. They are designed to build endurance, strength, and speed. During the off season, you will probably use these drills almost exclusively, so you can make them a bit harder. If you work the team to the point that they aren’t able to play, it won’t matter as much since it isn’t even the right season. However, conditioning drills will help train the body to be in tip top shape for the season. By the time the season starts, if you have had your team follow a strong set of conditioning drills, you will find little, if any need to continue them. It can be beneficial to run a few of these drills during the season to test the team’s physical readiness, however.

During the season, the most common type of drills you will run is the tactical volleyball drills. Tactical drills are designed to work on specific plays and build teamwork. They can be drills that are as simple as passing, setting, and spiking the ball as a cohesive unit, or as tricky as that new play you want to try out. Working together as a team, you can teach your players to respect each other and trust that their teammates will know what to do, and be ready to do it. Teamwork building skills are the backbone of any good training season.

Knowing the best set of volleyball drills to use will often be a practice in trial and error. Even if you have been coaching for years, you will find that your drills are continually changing and evolving to include new elements or fix things that weren’t working. It is important, however, to remember that these drills should always focus on teaching and training. With the right set of volleyball drills, you will be able to mold a virtually unbeatable team.

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